Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Secret Place

This last song posting (for awhile) is just for fun.

Fellow contributor Tae and I were recently discussing his renewed interest in metal (no, not the
Iced Earth type of metal) as of late, and it inspired me to listen to some forgotten diamonds in the rough that I had in my collection.

Megadeth's Cryptic Writings was one of those metal albums that were musical staples of our lives nearly ten years ago---in large part because the programmers at our local rock radio station couldn't get around the fact that there was life in rock beyond Megadeth, Metallica and AC/DC. On top of that there was no satellite radio or blogosphere to inform us of the other sounds that were happening around us. So, as it were, metal and grunge were the albums we bought and cranked our stereo speakers to 11 to.

'A Secret Place' was a mutual favorite among the two of us, and I've decided to relive those times with an online posting of the song here. Admittedly, this song isn't the greatest. And to the metal traditionalists out there the song could be considered one of
Dave Mustaine's last pathetic attempts at receiving radio airplay and outdoing his rival Metallica.

Nevertheless, for my own selfish sentimental longings, here is 'A Secret Place:'

Megadeth - 'A Secret Place'

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