Friday, April 28, 2006

The Futureheads Answer Provacative Questions

What's the best way for a song to end - a crisp, ringing ending or a gradual fade-out?

Barry: I think fade-outs are generally what happens when a song is too long and people can't think of how to end it, or it's been cut down for radio. So I think the best way to end a song is just to have a sudden ending.

Jaff: I do as well.

Barry: Especially for the music we make. Because it's very, y'know, [beatboxes for a second] fast and tight, and you want to have the contrast between having a really loud, kind of raucous part, to absolute silence, because it's almost like some kind of, like going through your rudiments or something.

Jaff: Definitely.

Read the rest of the interview with The Futureheads here.

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