Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rolling Stone Reviews Young's Protest Album

Neil Young's Living With War has already received plenty of press. But upon reading Rolling Stone's review of the album, I've become ever more fascinated. Of the anti-Bush 'Let's Impeach the President,' writer Andy Greene had this to say:

"This track has already drawn the most media attention, with its battle cry for an end to this administration. As if at a rally, Young is joined by a choir on nearly every word. Contradictory Bush sound bites about "weapons of mass destruction" and the Patriot Act are sampled while Young and his choir call out, "Flip! Flop!" It's unlike anything we've ever heard in a rock song. His barely restrained rage at the current state of American politics is palpable on this song, as throughout the album."

Barely restrained rage towards American politics? This album sounds awesome.

Fans can stream the album for free at May 2.

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