Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reunited Alice in Chains to Perform at Sturgis

Ted posted on Alice in Chains several days ago and told us all that one of my favorite bands had reunited with a new lead singer, William Duvall, following the untimely death of Layne Staley only few years before.

MTV News indicates that the group will be performing at Sturgis, South Dakota this August. In addition, AIC will embark on a brief club tour beginning May 18 in Los Angeles.

I only hope I can be lucky enough to be able to attend one of their sure-to-kick-the-llama's-ass shows here in the future.


Hank said...

YES -- but I was hoping by "Sturgis" you were referring to the good 'ol Sturgis Falls celebration in Cedar Falls! Oh well, I can dream huh?

But on a sadder note, how does this news get put below Ashley Parker Angel and Jennifer Lopez on the MTV news hierarchy? That's pretty freakin' sad!

Steve said...

Speaking of MTV News, remember the STP song they used to use as their background? (I believe it was 'Army Ants.')

Also speaking of MTV News, is X-Files-cigarrette-smoking-man-look-alike Kurt Loder still on that channel?