Monday, June 13, 2005

Album Review: Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

3.0 out of 5 stars

After spending about the past week and a half listening to In Your Honor I must say that the album has grown on me somewhat. The double disced, two-genred album comprises of 20 tracks. 10 are acoustic, and 10 other ones contain electric guitar and are quite raucous. Yet, while I have learned to stomach this album, I am not going to lie and claim it is the Foo Fighters' greatest work. To be sure, there are a number of good songs spread throughout the two compact discs, but a good number of the rest serve merely as simple filler. Perhaps, if some of the fat were cut, and the entire album were cut down by 8 or 9 songs, the CD would pack a much more powerful punch.

Overall, In Your Honor is an album that screams mediocrity. It isn't terrible. It isn't great either. There are a few shining moments, though, with Norah Jones collaborating with Grohl in "Virginia Moon". "Cold Day in the Sun" provides welcome refuge from Dave Grohl overkill with drummer Taylor Hawkins singing on that track. In addition, "No Way Back" is an upbeat anthem reminiscent of the post-Cobain neo-grunge the Foos initally became so famous for.

Aside from the ten or so songs where the Foos really shine, the other half of the album sounds like Grohl and Company are only going through the motions. As a fairly large Foo Fighters fan I hate having to say this, but I must: save yourself the dissapointment and don't worry about shelling out the cash to purchase this album. It will only leave you more homesick for the musically vibrant mid-90s of ten years ago--a time when the Foos truly shined and were in their element.

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