Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Inside Velvet Revolver's Comic Book Obsession

In another splendid artistic move, Scott Weiland and the boys of Velvet Revolver have added a song to the soundtrack for the upcoming summer superhero flick, Fantastic Four. This marks the second time VR has participated in the soundtrack to a superhero movie - the first being 2003's not-so-incredible HULK. Perhaps they missed the boat on the Elektra soundtrack and are trying to make up for it?

VR's track, 'Come In Come On', will be joined by music from such acclaimed acts as Chingy, Simple Plan, and Alter Bridge. Stay tuned for a July 5th release date on the soundtrack, and a July 9th theatrical release.

1 comment:

Steve said...

"...acclaimed acts as Chingy, Simple Plan, and Alter Bridge." I think I'd rather listen to reggaeton ;)