Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Artist Spotlight: Smoosh

Seattle's Smoosh has been creating a stir. Maybe it's because the duo is comprised of two sisters; only one of which can barely squeek into a PG13 movie by herself? Maybe it's because they are that young and already in the process of recording their second album? Maybe it's because Death Cab for Cutie's Jason McGerr has worked with them and is helping them in the studio? Maybe it's because they've played shows with Death Cab, Rilo Kiley, Jimmy Eat World, Cat Power, and even Pearl Jam? Or, maybe it is because people are actually surprised that preteens are capable of writing music by themselves that doesnt come out using a phrase like 'MmmBop'.

The preternaturally gifted duo spearheads a growing movement of young female independent bands with an ingenious, instinctual wisdom that comes as naturally as their multifaceted, genre-tickling songwriting. ...Asya, Smoosh’s vocalist and pianist/keyboardist, wails and croons like an old soul with her tiny, tremulous voice. The fearless confidence that often accompanies youth (Asya is 13, Chloe is 11) runs through Smoosh’s pop-based quirk rock with strength and beauty, and people are listening in awe.

When I first looked into the band (via suggestion by LN reader Cal), I found the whole thing to be pretty hilarious. After having listened to several songs I would say that I was actually quite impressed with the originality and catchiness in their music. And apparently I'm not the only one:

"The hottest new band in the US underground" - NME

"Inspiring equal parts awe and awww" - Time Out NY

"10 out of 10" - Vice

"5 out of 5" - Alternative Press

"Remarkable." - Seattle Weekly

"Truly impressive." - Boston Globe

"Smoosh are awesome." - The Stranger

"Smart, engaging, dance-y pop songs that are both intelligently catchy and indie-rock scruffy." - CMJ Music Monthly

To see for yourself what all the fuss is about and draw your own conclusions, check out the Smoosh site at Pattern25 Records

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Justin Cober-Lake said...

Good call on the spotlight. You might want to check out the funny interview with them at PopMatters to get a sense of how much they've stayed kids. Good to know there doesn't seem to be pushing from the parents.