Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Killers vs. The Bravery: Update

Well, I guess my original post took Brandon Flowers' quotes out of context. Here is the quote in its entirety. According to the discussion group, the interview is from Q magazine:

And most of the controversy is peddled by Flowers
himself. It has been difficult to keep up with the
number of bands he has tongue-lashed this past year, but
they include Dallas prog-rockers Secret Machines ("total
assholes") and Canadian noiseniks The Stills ("bitchy
and pretentious"). His most recent victims are New
York's The Bravery, who mine similar UK influences to
his own.

"I've never actually said anything bad about anyone who
didn't deserve it," he says mischeviously, "but,
occasionally, it is brought on by jealousy. When I hear
a good song, it really does piss me off. But as far as
the Bravery goes..." Here, he falters. "Look, I'm not
supposed to be doing this any more but, well, you're
poking me and so I'll say this: to me, The Bravery just
aren't real. I've heard that the keyboard parts are all
pre-programmed, and that singer can't reach the high
notes on [recent single] An Honest Mistake. I can reach
those high notes."

In response, The Bravery have accused Flowers of kicking
them off a succession of UK tours because he feels

"They said that?" says Flowers, eyebrows twitching.
"That's funny, really funny."

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ooh, zap! when do lindsey lohan and hillary duff come into this brawl?