Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nine Black Alps Watch

On Monday, Nine Black Alps released their debut album Everything Is. Read more from the band below:

The time has come for us to release our debut album 'Everything Is'. It's out today (6/13) in fact, available from all good record stores on CD and LP. To promote it, we'll be doin' a bunch of instore gigs around the UK this week, so check out the 'shows' alp for one near you. Oh, and please note that the London HMV Oxford Road show is now at 6pm.

Also, according to their website, Louis Pattison claims that Manchester is the "new Seattle.":

Manchester is the new Seattle, if Everything Is, the debut album from Nine Black Alps is anything to go by: the work of four young men clearly well versed in the thick, stamped-pedal distortion and angst-wracked sentiments popular in the days of grunge, the raging likes of "Shot Down" and "Not Everyone" should be instant manna for a generation that still holds Kurt in such saintly regard.

Whether or not Manchester spawns a wave of grunge-revial is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure though: Nine Black Alps rocks.

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