Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cool Toy; Itunes Registry Important Tool for any Audiophile

For all of you Itunes users out there, I am not sure if you are aware of this cool site known as Itunes Registry.com. Basically, you upload yuor library's XML file, and from there the site generates a number of cool graphs and conclusions based on your library's data. Below is an automated description of my itunes library the site determined:

You appear to like Alternative the most, with Jem your favorite, which is weird since you've spent more time listening to Elbow , yet you have more Cranberries than anything else (in this genre). Indie is your favorite common genre, and you have more Rock songs than anything else. White Stripes is your favorite overall artist. Gomez ain't too bad, either.

I would say, based on my listening habits lately, that this description isn't too far off. How does Itunes Registry's description of your library fair?

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