Sunday, June 05, 2005

Last Night When I Was a Rock Star

Last night I had sort of an interesting, music-related dream. I was onstage for an arena tour, filling in for lead vocals in the band Weezer. I'm not sure why it was Weezer of all bands either. Most of the songs I didn't even recognize as part of their repertoire. In the dream all of this seemed perfectly normal and comfortable, despite not really knowing how to sing or play most of the songs. I found myself randomly making up intricate guitar parts that sounded nothing like the song the rest of the band thought we were playing, and when I'd forget the words, I'd just flail around or scream into the microphone. One time my amplifier wasn't working, so I just stopped singing and playing and bent down to fool with the wiring for awhile. When the problem was finally resolved, I ran across stage, fell to my knees, and leaning back with my head to the floor, just started making up a solo to the song. Yes, I definitely had stage presence, even if I had no clue what I was doing most of the time. And the best part? No matter what I did, the crowd seemed to think it was the greatest thing ever done in rock history. Sometimes the band seemed confused as to just what I was doing, but somehow, everything meshed together - even when I would play a slow riff to an upbeat song. I was charismatic, so it was ok. The audience could be heard after the show, discussing what an "act of pure genius" it all was. Apparently I had pulled it all off with flying colors. But I didn't have time to celebrate - I was far too busy escaping the clutches of thousands of adoring fans.
Dreams for me are generally sketchy and hard to make any sense of, but if I could make a guess as to the meaning of the dream I had last night, I would have to say it was just reaffirming my lifelong notions that I was born to be a rock star.

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