Friday, June 10, 2005

Devil Meets Songwriter at Crossroads: Offers Development Deal

Thank-you to Adam.Zero for drawing attention to this news story:

Nashville songwriter Luke Powers, known for his quirky takes on popular culture in songs such as "I Saw John Kennedy Today" and "Cover Song" (a paean to the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album cover), has recently released "Driving with my Demon in the Deep South." The song is available in mp3 format for free download at .

The song resulted from an actual occurrence when University professor Powers was driving alone to a southern literature conference on a rain-soaked Alabama night. "Lots of lightning flashes," he recalls, "twister weather."

Powers quickly got lost in the ganglia of Alabama backroads. Rain rendered the road-signs unreadable. But he continued south, driving by instinct. Near midnight with no motel in sight, he reached a lonely crossroads in a not-so-proverbial middle of nowhere.

"It was a four-way stop," he says. "Just the type of place where Robert Johnson had sold his soul to the devil."

Read the rest of the article here.

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