Monday, August 22, 2005

Artist Spotlight: Bedtime for Toys

Bedtime for Toys, besides being the name of an old Christmas tune by Stevie Wonder, is an exciting new three-piece from Los Angeles that has been emerging quickly from the dance-rock scene. Comprised of lyricist/lead vocalist Marchelle Bradanini, guitarist/bassist Samuel Jacob Chatez, and beatmaster/keyboardist Toussainte Christofe, Bedtime for Toys creates a sound that smoothly blends together a variety of pop culture elements. From New Wave to hip hop; punk to funk, fashion to activism, BfT covers its bases.

After releasing two e.p.'s on their own, the band went on to work with London's Trash Aesthetics label, who put out a U.K. vinyl edition of the group's most recent e.p. Now, BfT is in the studio working on their first full-length album, which is sure to be an exercise in both quirkiness and social awareness. The band keeps things upbeat and fun, even through unsettling lyrics such as "The holding a hearing sealed up on a hill, But like the tower of Babel like sand through our ears, They keep the truth locked, filed and unknown, The fires are rising in the wind below"(from 'Killing Rattlesnakes').

With none of the members being over the age of 24, the band has taken obvious direction from the 80's surroundings in which they grew up. Citing Prince as one of their biggest influences (even putting out a mash up to his 'When Doves Cry'), Bedtime for Toys emits the energy to fill the house, in a vibe familiar to such acts as Scissor Sisters, Le Tigre, and Gorillaz. Their tracks 'Chandelier' and '6x9' have found themselves stuck in my head for probably the last month. You can hear both tracks and more at the band's website

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