Sunday, August 14, 2005

XM Radio Sample: XMU (College/Indie)

As an XM Satellite Radio subscriber of just over three years, I pride myself on having exclusive access to fresh artists and extensive playlists found nowhere else---well, exclusive may be an overstatement, considering that four million other people pay the $12.95/month subscription fee and share the same access I do.

Today, I decided to upgrade my 2002 receiver by purchasing a Delphi MyFi, XM's portable satellite radio player. Roughly the size of an iPod, this little gizmo can store up to 5 hrs of recorded XM material, can beam it's contents to any FM stereo and displays various stock/sports ticker information. Being both a techjunkie and audiophile, this is one of my dream inventions come true. As a treat to our very dedicated readers, I've decided to share an hour's worth of XM content found on the network's college/indie station, XMU, here in both Bittorrent format and in MP3 format. For our underground music fans, it is hoped you will find an artist or song that strikes your fancy. The track listing is as follows (Notice: may sound slightly distorted for the first 60 seconds or so):

Mobius Band ~ Multiply (TAIL END OF SONG)
XMU Promo
The Decemberists ~ We Both Go Down
Jazzupstarts ~ Moving Against Time
Aloha ~ Be Near
Fatboy Slim ~ Put it Back Together
Astaire ~ Any Other Day
XMU Promo
Hockey Night ~ Get Real
Paul Westerberg ~ Crackle and Drag
Joy Zipper ~ Valley Stream
The Beta Band ~ Simple
British Sea Power ~ Victorian Ice
The Revolutionaries ~ Binary Thoughts
XMU Promo

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead ~ The Lost City of Refuge
M.I.A. ~ Bucky Done Gun
Bloc Party ~ She's Hearing Voices
Mixel Pixel ~ Body Automatic
XMU Promo

Stay tuned for future samples of other sweet XM channels.

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