Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Scorsese Doc Takes Introspective Look Into the Life of Dylan

Famed film director Martin Scorsese provides an indepth look into the mind and soul of one of America's biggest cultural icons. The two-part documentary No Direction Home features revealing interviews and a slew of unseen footage of famed folk-rock musician Bob Dylan.

Airing September 26 and 27 on PBS, the 3 1/2 hour documentary is part of the public televison network's "American Masters" series. Prior to this airdate Paramount Home Entertainment will release the film on DVD. The DVD package contains 45 extra minutes of footage that will not be aired.

In additon to the Dylan showing, PBS has an entire 60's music themed week planned, featuring documentaries on other pertinent bands of the era:

"No Direction Home" is PBS' fall tentpole event. The two-night broadcast, which focuses on Dylan's maelstrom of shape-shifting musical activity from 1961-66, keys a week of '60s-themed programing. Other shows include "Best of the Beatles," a two-part documentary about the Fab Four's early years, seen through the eyes of original drummer Pete Best; "Get Up Stand Up: The Story of Pop Music and Protest," a celebration of "message" music that encompasses Dylan's work; and "The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation," a two-hour look at the decade's political and cultural tumult.

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