Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Elbow Readies New CD/DVD for September

Elbow is already set to release the follow-up to last year's Cast of Thousands album. The U.K. band's third LP, titled Leaders of the Free World, is due out in their homeland September 5th, to be trailed by a Sept. 27th U.S. date.

First single "Forget Myself" will be released Aug. 29 in the United Kingdom on two separate CD singles and 7-inch vinyl, backed by three non-album tracks and a cover of Indigo Jones' "My Finger."

In the United Kingdom, initial versions of the album will be complimented by a DVD with music videos for each of its 11 songs. According to Elbow's Web site, "the films were developed alongside the album recording process rather than commissioned" after the fact. The visuals were supplied by the Soup Collective.

In related news, the band's arch-nemesis, Kneecap, has pushed its own release date ahead in an effort to counterstrike...just kidding.

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