Thursday, August 11, 2005

Richard Patrick + DeLeo Bros. = New Band?

For the last month, rumors have been surfacing that Robert and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots and Filter's Richard Patrick are working together in a new band.
7/13 - Richard has been complimenting Dean's guitar playing in recent interviews, even calling him one of his three favorite guitarists ever, and in a recent posting on the official FILTER web site, Patrick makes a comment about rehearsing with his new band, whom he has shared the stage with only once before.

STP fansite Below Empty has kept on the edge of all the latest information, and yesterday posted the following:
According to a message posted by the webmaster of the forums on the 'Diamond David Lee Roth' website, drummer Ray Luzier from David Lee Roth's band has teamed up with Robert and Dean DeLeo and Filter frontman Richard Patrick to form a new band. According to the posting, the newly formed band have signed with Columbia Records and are managed by The Firm.

Another posting by Ray Luzier on his own website is just as cryptic as the one from Richard Patrick on the Filter site last month:

"*I have some BIG NEWS: I've joined an amazing new band that I'm very proud to be a member of... details coming soon, stay tuned!

From the information I've found, none of this has been confirmed, however, a number of rock radio station sites are talking about it as well. We'll see how things progress. Updates to come...

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