Monday, August 22, 2005

She Ain't No Hollaback Girl!

Apparently Gwen Stefani can't get any respect from MTV. Despite airing Stefani's videos at all hours of the day, MTV cannot seem to quench the Orange County diva's thirst for commercial exposure. Too bad she has to act like someone just took away her birthday.

Gwen Stefani has decided not to attend MTV's Video Music Awards because she is so upset that the network did not offer her a performing slot. The singer is deeply offended by the supposed snub, and she and husband Gavin Rossdale are staying away in protest despite being up for many awards.

Meanwhile, Coldplay, Shakira, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, The Killers, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson and Green Day will be rocking out at the musical spectacular.

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