Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dickinson vs. Sharon Osbourne Update

It was reported on Friday that Sharon Osbourne has, in fact, admitted her role in her recent tiff with Iron Maiden. In response to lead singer Dickinson's disparaging comments about her husband Ozzy, Osbourne "cut off the band's sound on several occasions" during an August 20 show.

In her new statement, which doubles as an open letter to Maiden manager Rod Smallwood, she said, "For 20 shows we were forced to hear Dickinson's nightly outbursts from the stage: 'When we come back to America, we'll be back with a proper sound system' or 'We won't be playing the same old songs every night (like (Black) Sabbath),' 'We don't need a teleprompter (like Ozzy)' and 'We don't need a reality show to be legit (again, like Ozzy)."'

Will Bruce dignify the letter with a response? To be continued...

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