Friday, August 12, 2005

Artist Spotlight: Editors

Out of the recent barrage of bands choosing to bring back the sounds of Gang of Four and Joy Division, U.K.'s Editors might be one of the darkest, most ambitious acts to emerge. Upon first listen, the band easily fits in with the likes of Franz Ferdinand or Interpol, however, Editors seem to deserve more than to simply be shrugged off as copycats. The Birmingham quartet is able to pay homage to a variety of influences, while still maintaining their own intelligence and ideals for songwriting - melding together energetic rhythms with melodies that are as haunting as they are catchy. The dry vocals drape lyrics over the whole framework, drawing many comparisons to the tortured mind of the late Ian Curtis.
For a young band, Editors have wasted no time in gaining the interest of U.K. radio and media. Following several attention-grabbing singles, such as 'Munich' and 'Blood', the band's full-length album, The Back Room, was released in the U.K. on July 25th on Kitchenware Records with a limited edition expanded album due August 16th.

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Anonymous said...

Your reviews are getting better all the time but you misspelled a word in this column. Can you find it? I got to ride on a plane to Chicago last week with ZZTop but they wouldn't give me a ride on their tour busses. Have you ever done a review on them?