Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chamber Pop Stars to Wrap Up Seventh LP

The Goalkeeper's Revenge is said to be the title of this Scottish group's seventh release. Famed producer Tony Hoffer is responsible for Belle and Sebastian's studio needs this time around, helping to cut the album at L.A.'s Sunset Sound Studios.

Though they ended up spending several months in the city, Belle and Sebastian arrived in L.A. with eighteen songs already completed, the result of time spent in their hometown recording studio last winter. The results from the group -- frontman Stuart Murdoch, Jackson, Sarah Martin, Bobby Kildea, Richard Colburn, Mick Cooke and Chris Geddes -- were material that takes inspiration from soul, pop and a little-known electronic four-piece from Manchester, England. "A track that's pretty different is called 'Song for Sunshine,'" explains Jackson. "We were trying to do a kind of New Order thing, and everybody came in and had a keyboard instead of their usual instrument."

A U.S. tour is planned for the spring.

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