Monday, August 08, 2005

Chris Paul Richards, Master of Truncation

Chris Paul Richards, formerly of the now defunct Q & Not U, is venturing into a new solo career. Now known as Ris Paul Ric (a truncation of his real name), the former guitar/syth/bass player of Q & Not U has recorded self-described "quieter" material. In fact, one can download his new song here.

In a Spin interview Richards not only explains the hows and whys of his newest work, but the demise of Q & Not U as well:

We just got to the end of our collective ambition. We just reached a point where we had achieved everything we wanted to together and we didn't want to pull people along further than they wanted to go, or slow people down, so we thought it would be best to just get off the train while we still felt good about it. We did what we set out to do. More than we set out to do, really. We were just a basement, fun-time, weekend thing, and it just kind of took us on a crazy seven-year trip.

A brief tour has already begun. Here are the August dates:

8/6, Pittsburgh, PA (Modern Formations Gallery)
8/8, Chicago, IL (Spare Room Gallery)
8/9, Cleveland, OH (Pat's in the Flats)
8/11, Richmond, VA (Children's Museum of Richmond)
8/12, Baltimore, MD (Current Gallery)
8/13, Philadelphia, PA (Space 1026)
8/14, New York, NY (Knitting Factory)
8/15, New York, NY (169 Bar)

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