Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Caught On Tape: Re-'Michael'ing McDonald

So, I've been on quite the Michael McDonald kick lately. This is due partially to Channel101.com's hilarious and successful Yacht Rock show, which plays largely on creator JD Rynar's impersonation of McDonald. After he appeared in the last episode sporting that trademark silvery-white head of hair, I was inspired to seek out other videos showcasing the ex-Doobie Brother in action.

The following short is another great McDonald mimic, which follows an in-studio-interview format. The wig and fake beard quickly hits on the punchline, but the joke continues, as the impersonator shuffles to the music and dramatically overemphasizes his vocals through a process he names "Re-'Michael'ing." I'm not sure of the video's origins, so if anyone knows, inform me, so that I can give proper credit. Enjoy..."Baaaayyybeeee!"

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