Thursday, March 02, 2006

Caught On Tape: GLU - "From Your Mouth"

With the release of 1998's Life in the So-Called Space Age, the band God Lives Underwater's single "From Your Mouth" was transformed into a subtle, yet memorable music video. Filmed as one continuous, and slowly evolving scene, the video plays literally on the song title by showcasing a small Asian man eating a large portion of food. Actually, to use the word "eating" would be incorrect, because he rather "produces" the food than eats it. By this, I mean that the footage is in reverse order, where the foods seem to emerge from his mouth. This simple camera trick provides an interesting setting for the electronically-minded single.

In related news, GLU's late-singer/songwriter, David Reilly, who passed away in October 2005, is being honored in a new book by long-time friend Brian Paone. Paone's novel is said to "...chronicle many events of their lives that they shared during the high- and the low-points of those 10 years." To read more about the progress of the novel, visit The David Reilly Memoirs.

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