Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mr. 'Have A Nice Day' Rips on The Darkness

Jon Bon Jovi is disgusted by The Darkness. He's so disgusted, in fact, he's said recently:

"I hate The Darkness. Fucking hate 'em. I don't understand it. I know they are huge, but I never really got it.

"It's just
Spinal Tap isn't it? It's just a lark. I'm not sure they think so, though. I think they take it seriously. They made a little splash in the US but, man... I don't get it at all."

Of all the bands Jovi could have ripped on, and he picks The Darkness??? He could have chosen Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and a whole host of other worthless bands. Hell, he could have even ripped on Bono, and I would have been okay with it. But The Darkness???

To top it off, has anybody even listened to Bon Jovi's latest disc? It's awful.


Anonymous said...

it boggles my mind just why anyone would rip on the darkness. i mean, you've got to at least give them credit for doing something that's rare anymore... presenting an entire package. an image, a sound, a performance all at the same time. i can't think of many other recent bands who work so hard on all three.

Hank said...

I completely agree. There are a million other bands that blow, and he picks on the Darkness??