Friday, March 31, 2006

Caught On Tape: Jamiroquai - 'Virtual Insanity'

Remember when Mtv was actually known for its music videos and not for Laguna Beach? Remember when a music video could make an artistic statement and still be one of the most popular? So do I. Hey, here's one!

Jamiroquai - 'Virtual Insanity'

In 1997, nearly eight years before Napoleon Dynamite busted a move to the song 'Canned Heat,' Jamiroquai had gained vast acclaim through their breakout single 'Virtual Insanity.' Besides being a catchy tune, the song's music video kept audiences mezmerized, as vocalist Jay Kay pranced around a white room in his big, fuzzy hat. Viewers were confused as to how the floor was moving, and the phenomenon drove many into a virtual insanity of their own. Enough so that the video won awards for "Breakthrough Video" and "Best Video of the Year" at 1997's Mtv Music Video Awards. I mean, my father even bought me a congo drum to go along with the cd I got for my birthday that year for crying out loud! While the video's meaning in connection to the lyrics can be interpreted individually, the question of the moving floor trick has long since been solved.

Still haven't figured it out? Check HERE for the answers.


Steve said...

This video sure brings back the memories.

Anonymous said...

A father must really love his son to give him a cd, and a conga drum....... By the way, doesn't this group still sound a lot like Maroon 5?