Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bril - Airless Alarm

Bril - Airless Alarm
4.0 Out of 5.0 Stars

Bril isn’t one of those bands that are strikingly unique, yet there’s something subtle about Airless Alarm that makes them different. Upon a first and inattentive listen, it would be easy to group this band from San Clemente in with the congregation of other college rock groups. It’s true they sound a little bit like Coldplay on one hand, and a little bit like Bloc Party on the other. But a more concentrated spin of the album reveals that Airless Alarm is greater than the sum of its contemporaries.

The album’s current single is ‘Far Away,’ and it serves as an effective metonymy of the record. That track, like many of the others, is filled with insular vocals, layered harmonies and emotive culminations. This simple formula, combined with Dave Starr’s honest, yet poignant lyrics, serve to make Airless Alarm a successful introspection.

Airless Alarm will probably fancy more the coffee shop dweller and less the hardcore indie concert goer simply because of its tempo: it’s a slower album. However, the thumping rhythms and musical climaxes will appeal to most rockers no matter what.

For a debut album, Airless Alarm sets a suitable foundation for Bril to launch their mainstream music career. It is quite possible the band may branch out into harder territory come future discs, and it’s equally likely they could master their current alcove of cerebral alternative. Whatever the future holds, the band should be sure to relish the press and airplay Airless Alarm has received. It’s a good disc.

Bril - 'Far Away'


Anonymous said...

i love Bril... but i live in Peru so i can't buy the cd. Such a shame there's only 3 complete songs available at the internet

Anonymous said...

well...i have the same problema as the dude above
living in Peru is not the easiest way to get their music. Can't order it from amazon.