Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why You Should Never Let Prince Rent Your House

Carlos Boozer, of the Utah Jazz, was put off by Prince's recent interior and exterior decorating.

The basketball player was leasing his Hollywood estate to the funk rocker from Lake Minnetonka when he discovered that the outside of his house had a new paint coat....consisting of purple stripes, the Prince symbol, and the number "3121", the title of Prince's new album. The inside was just as ridiculous with purple, monogramed carpet and the plumbing work entirely redone to accomodate water for beauty salon chairs.

Boozer attempted to sue Prince, stating the leasee had violated terms of the lease. The suit was settled out of court, however, when it was learned that Boozer had been aware of the changes to his house for some time and continued to collect rent without complaint.

If only 'Trading Spaces' was there to catch it all on tape.

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