Monday, March 27, 2006

Hotter Than Beyonce In A Bikini?

"Hotter than Beyonce in a bikini" is how The Sun described the sale of tickets to a recent Arctic Monkeys show in New York. Perhaps hyperbole, perhaps truth, the band from Sheffield has just started to make waves in the States as of late. However, most Americans outside the discourse community known as indie rock would have a hard time distinguishing the group from a mythical species of cold-dwelling simians.

Not quite a household name just yet, is the reported hysteria surrounding the band's US shows further proof of the band's potential popularity, or will they simply go the way of
Oasis? Some music pundits have dismissed the Monkeys as nothing more than British Strokes rip-offs. And considering that the foursome is so cocky they offended Morrissey (he made ammends later), it's clear the band hasn't been the best at making friends as of late.

Hotter than Beyonce in a bikini? It's hard to say right now. Just as long as they don't get demoted to "hotter than
Dick Cheney shirtless" status.

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