Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radiohead Struggling With New Album

As I make my way back home from my trip (I'm now in Charleston, West Virginia), a crosspost is the best I can muster. By week's end the blog should be back in full swing, so you should only have to suffer with the lack of posts until then.

The following is from
Thom Yorke has revealed that he and the rest of Radiohead are struggling with the recording of their new album.

Posting on the Dead Air Space section of the band’s official website Yorke wrote that he was “unsure about everything” and that it was “very frustrating”.

The full post says: “Today, myself, I was struggling, feels like we’ve been trapped for a long time. In la la land. Very frustrating, and under pressure now, it’s so slow.”

”Enough to drive anyone loopy. I’m supposed to be positive. Smiling faces for the outside. Well I’m fucking tearing my hair out. Too much at once. Furiously writing, working out parts. Cracking up.”

“Not much time left. Unsure about everything. I’m not supposed to put any of this here. So that’s why I am.”

As previously reported on Gigwise Radiohead are headlining this year’s V Festival, we just hope they’ll be finish in time!

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