Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lil' Jon gets low

Lil’ Jon has taken his crunk to another level by starring in his own line of pornographic movies. The rapper is already at work on two films for the pornographic studio Vivid. The first film, "Lil’ Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party," will cast the rapper as part of the background. In other words, he won’t be having sex, but he will probably hang out during the scenes and scream “Yeah!”.

Lil’ Jon will also provide the musical score for Vivid Vegas Party.

Something tells me this is going to be hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

Are you using that Dirty South Rap to avoid the parental censors? Wasn't it Conan O'Brien who pioneered the dodge to escape consequences for the 7 dirty words or did this reconstructed comedian get to lay claim to it? Some of us Northerners aren't really fooled.....