Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BET's Ethics Questioned Over Lil' Kim Production

When someone is sentenced to prison for lying to a grand jury, it's meant as a punishment for impeding justice---not as an entrepreneurial opportunity for the individual who committed the wrongdoing.

Music variety network
BET sees differently. They've responded to recent criticism of 'Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown' by stating that the six-part reality television show they co-produced with Kim's production company is supposed to be a serious look at the consequences of bad choices, and not a glorification of prison life.

However, others have interpreted the showing quite differently, referring to the production as an "unabashed infomercial." And considering that BET overlooked obvious conflicts of interest by choosing to forge a business partnership with a convicted felon, it is quite easy to see why many think the
Viacom-owned television channel is unethical:

"Give props to exec producer Tracey Edmonds and Edmonds Entertainment for capturing the distorted reality surrounding a pampered and ego-driven star. And more props to Lil‘ Kim‘s production company for persuading BET to disregard obvious ethical concerns and let it co-produce this unabashed infomercial." ~Barry Garon

'Countdown to Lockdown' debuts March 9.

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