Monday, March 27, 2006

Where Are They Now?: Andrew W.K.

Remember Andrew W.K.? The mostly punk-metal minimalist who bestowed upon us the greatest party song of all time: 'Party Hard?'

So do I, and boy does it bring back the memories.

In my quest to dig up some information on the sleazy looking rocker from
Michigan, I encountered everything from hilarious anime parodies of his music to touring information (yes, the guy still performs). In fact, on his website it says a new album is due in 2006, which, for me, is a great thing to hear.

In order to fill the void of W.K.'s absense of the last few years, I've posted the video for 'Never Let Down,' my personal favorite. From the air drumming, to the fact that a grand piano is implemented into such a guitar-dominated song, there are plenty of reasons to love this video. I think the extreme deviation from his usual stripped-down chorales is what I like best.

For now, sit back and enjoy. And be sure to keep visiting
The Lonely Note for more Andrew W.K. news as it develops.

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