Friday, March 10, 2006

Pete Doherty = 'F***wit'

Pete Townshend is the latest musician to jump on the let's-rip-on-Pete-Doherty-bandwagon. The Who guitarist, most recently noted for his kiddie porn collection (it was for research!), referred to the Baby Shambles vocalist as the "ultimate rock n’ roll nihilist," and, my favorite, "the ultimate rock n’ roll f***wit." This was in response to Doherty's seven counts of drug possession.

Oh yeah, I forgot Pete Townshend was the biggest straightedge artist of his day.



Anonymous said...

Also, I'd love to see proof of his 'kiddie porn collection'- seems like nobody could find that collection, even the police, so he was NEVER CHARGED WITH A CRIME.

Anonymous said...

Pete didn't do shit. He was taken for a ride. Talk about a cheap shot on your part. The fact that you insult him even after reading that his friend committed suicide after being sexually abused as a child shows that you deserve to be called the same as Pete Doherty.