Monday, June 05, 2006

Avril Takes Tae's Advice To Heart

Just last Thursday, to cap off my Fiona Apple post, I made a minor dig at Avril Lavigne. Well, apparently Av is a Lonely Note fan, because it has since been reported on Soundgenerator that the teeny-rocker has no future plans to continue her music career. Instead, for better or for worse, she is considering switching her focus to something no other pop star has ever attempted, EVER. Acting.

I was going to throw an 'Adios Avril' party, but I'm superstitious that with 6/6/06 tomorrow, she'll change her mind and release a new new single. I kid.

In all seriousness, while I've never been particularly enamoured with Av's music, I won't dispel her credit. After all, she's (1) cute, (2) sassy, (3) getting married to that ugly dude from Sum41.

Stay tuned for the latest in Avril updates. Right here... on The Lonely Note.

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Blog Owner said...


I have an Avril Lavigne blog (I also live in the Napanee area like she did) and so of course I wondered what was going on when I read "news" websites that said she was quitting singing.

So I took a look around and I never saw any actual quotes from her saying she was quitting. They just said she wanted to try acting as something new.

I don't THINK she is going to quit singing completely I just think she will try to do both like some other singers do.

If you wanted to read my post about it, it's at:

And of course if I find out anything new - like she comes out and says "no" or "yes" to the reports, then I will update it! :)