Thursday, June 22, 2006

Caught On Tape: Aerosmith - 'Crazy'

Aerosmith's wildly popular Get a Grip album yielded several smash singles. Among them was the Cryamzy trilogy, which garners its name from the tracks 'Cryin', 'Amazing', and 'Crazy.' Each single was accompanied by a music video, styled into a miniature movie. And the glue that held the trilogy together was the young Alicia Silverstone.

These music filmettes not only acted as a launchpad for Silverstone's acting career, but the video for the song 'Crazy' was also the first major appearance of frontman Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv. Sure, it was a tad creepy that Tyler used his own daughter as a sex icon in his video, but you won't hear any complaints from me.

The 1994 video for 'Crazy' has always been my favorite of the Cryamazy trilogy. It's the story of two girls who skip school, and go on an adventure - an adventure that includes roadtripping, winning an exotic dance competition, and picking up some greasy farmboy. Essentially all of the 'Craziness' that the girls stir up along the way is limited to removing layers of clothing, as opposed to something actually crazy... like doing crystal meth and burning down an orphanage for example.

But still, this 6.5 minute movie had an amusing storyline, and featured the power duo of Liv and Alicia - making it one of the most memorable videos of my early 90's.

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