Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please Tom, Don't Enter Politics

I realize I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I can't stand Tom Delonge. Unlike my colleague Ted, who is quite the fan, and undoubtedly the millions of others who buy his records, whenever I hear the guy attempt to "sing" I feel like curling up into a small little ball and thinking of warmer, happier places. Unsurprisingly, the only Angels & Airwaves song I've voluntarily listened to is 'The Adventure,' simply because my friend and co-writer Ted featured it as one of his Songs of the Week. And during the 90s/early 00s I consciously initiated a personal blockade of Boxcar Racer and Blink-182. Sorry, he and his bands just aren't my cup of tea.

In spite of my disdain for his music, I've always been fine knowing that Mr. Delonge would never branch out from his niche of emo rock/mall punk. He had his place, and I had mine, and regardless of musical tastes we could all get along. With that said, I was quite floored when I read that Tom Delonge wants to enter politics...floored with laughter that is. According to
Jaded Insider Tom has expressed interest in entering the political arena. In fact, here is what my "favorite" frontman had to say:

“There was awhile when I actually thought I was going to be doing stuff in politics,” he said. “I spent a great part of the election year traveling with John Kerry and really being involved in the campaign. If Kerry would have won -- I was pitching all these different initiatives to his administration, y’know? -- there was a good chance I would have bought a place in D.C. and been more involved than I probably would like to admit.”

Pitching all these different initiatives y' know??? Like what, Tom, statutes protecting millionaires like yourself from the unfair practices of record companies and ticket agencies? Or perhaps a law requiring elementary kids to listen to your shitty music?? I hate to break the news to you, but there's only one place for a celebrity singer in politics, and it is currently occupied by Bono.

Please Tom, don't turn more people against you. Stay out of politics. Please.


Anonymous said...

Hey, well said. You're not alone, I dislike this guy too. I guess it's something about his voice that separates people against or pro him.

Music aside, when I read his quote ("I wuz doin' stuff") I was really starting to lose hope and faith in humanity. If he really gets into politics, then world just got from bad to worse.

It's arguable whether or not he should still be in music business, but it's just obscene to think of his interference in politics.

Rinjo Njori said...

Delonge is off his rocker. All these "movies" and hype leading up to AAA release was overboard. Prettymuch everything that came out of his mouth was borderline crazy. Like you said-- he has his place and I have mine. I am just glad the other 2/3 of Blink know there place.