Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday Roundup: Kasabian is Naughty, Supergroup & Wolfmother

Kasabian's Naughty New Disc

Kasabian’s new album is close to release. Empire is slated to drop in early September, and is supposed to be much naughtier than the band's debut. Lead singer Tom Meighan explains:

"We fucking own it, we're the fucking modernists now! We're not trying to prove anything, we've just let our hair down and gone for it. It's sexier than the first record. It's naughtier too, it's not as aggressive, it's definitely naughty this time round."

This Kasabian album sounds so naughty, it scares me.

VH1's Supergroup

VH1 is definitely the best at creating reality shows containing washed up celebrities. This time around, with their new production, ‘Supergroup,’ the network has once again created a cheaply entertaining hour of crap television. From Sebastian Bach running his Skid Row credentials into the ground, to Ted Nugent trying to lecture everybody as to why he’s always right, to Scott Ian just being along for the ride, this show has all the right drama for the metal lover in all of us.

Visit the
official website here for showtimes and other info. And be sure to watch the show. You will not be disappointed.

Wolfmother's Blowin' Up!

Head over to
Earvolution to read a review on a recent Wolfmother show. The Australian band is blowing up as of late and has been instigating epilepsy everywhere with their shaky video for ‘Woman.’

So I survived 666 day yesterday and music is still here. I guess Ozzy was right: "You can’t kill rock n’ roll. It’s here to stay!”

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