Monday, June 26, 2006

Remember When Chris Cornell Went Solo?

Audioslave may be well on their way to producing a third album, but does anybody remember that short wrinkle of time when Chris Cornell came out with a solo disc? I do, and out of a bit of early week idleness I've decided to post one of my favorites from that very album:

'Steel Rain' was the somber conclusion to the introspective Euphoria Morning, an LP that showed Cornell's softer side. Soulful, yet dark, this track resonates as one of Chris's deeper treks into singer/songwriter territory.


Chris Cornell - 'Steel Rain'

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Tae said...

Good call! This is one of my favorite Cornell-penned tracks ever. I thought his solo effort was much stronger than the attention it received. And 'Sunshower' from the Great Expectations OST was an equally fantastic solo track.