Thursday, June 29, 2006

Caught On Tape: Guns N' Roses - 'Estranged'

This week's Caught On Tape segment features the music video for the Guns N' Roses song, 'Estranged.' In a recent interview from fellow contributor, Steve, I had the opportunity to express my thoughts about the video's deeper meanings. You can listen to our full discussion below.

Tae and Steve discuss the video for 'Estranged'

MP3 of Steve and Tae's conversation can be downloaded here.


Anonymous said...

It was another new step to add audio interviews and although the questions were not debate quality it was a good start on an improved blogsite. I have to say that dolphins are not an aquatic "dog" because our perspective is skewed to think that a mammal that intelligent and altruistic is subservient to a species that is as shallow as ours. I have worked with dolphins in bioaquatic assisted therapy of people with disabilities and dolphins are able to use their sonar to diagnosis and treat problems. They are gentle and giving and have no ulterior motives....... unlike their human counterparts. We should all aspire to be as "evolved" as them. And I bet they don't listen to G & R...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the video is not available. What is the problem?