Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Matured Sound for Killers on New Album

The Killers are currently putting the finishing touches on their newest disc in London, and bassist Mark Stoermer claims the band has "grown up" this time around. About the upcoming album he says:

"It sounds different. It sounds like we've grown up a little bit as musicians, songwriters and as people. Overall it's still pop songs by a rock band, which is what we liked about ourselves before and I think other people did too. It sounds different, but it still sounds like us."

As much as I like The Killers and want to believe that this album is, in fact, "different," history has shown me that when bands tell the world that their new album is the best ever or has changed in a significant way I'm usually sorely disappointed.

Here's hoping this group from Las Vegas avoids the all-too-usual sophomore slump.

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Anonymous said...

One can only hope that a band with some Iowa roots can really make an impact and step up to expectations. I talked to Dave Keuning's father here today and he said that Dave had a new home in San Diego to pay for so he also hoped that the band remained successful. That is the way parents think when looking at the genius of youth....:)