Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chad Smith Looks Like Mugatu

I've always seen a striking resemblence between Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith, and comedian Will Ferrell. But, when I saw the cover of Rolling Stone's June 16 issue, bearing a photo of the Peppers in eyeliner, I couldn't help but think IMMEDIATELY of Ferrell's role as Mugatu in the movie Zoolander. I'm not the only one seeing this, am I?


Anonymous said...

ahhhh the first time i saw the video for... "Californication" i think it may have been, i couldn't stop thinking about how much they look a like! i thought that it was will ferrell in the video for a while, because i couldn't believe someone actually looked that much like him!
you are not alone my friend.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

Wow. You are correct sir.

Steve said...

I had the exact same epiphany as anonymous---during the Californication phase I really did think Will Ferrell had joined the bad...but only for like 5 minutes ;)