Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Bored on a Saturday Story: Steve Discovers Lisa Loeb's Sister

Watching MTV's 'Fat Camp' this afternoon, I noticed a slight resemblance between fat-camper Dianne and Lisa Loeb. (Others have related Dianne's look to that of serial killer John Wayne Gacey). The resemblance would have proved stronger, of course, if Lisa Loeb was obese and 15. But we all know that the cutesy indie rocker from the 90s is nowhere near the portly side and is on the right side of 18 years of age.

I decided, after the show, to do a standard
Google search on Lisa Loeb to see what she'd been up to for the past decade or so. It appeared she hadn't been up to much of anything. However, I was astonished to discover that her sister, on the other hand, has been much busier. In fact, she's a full-fledged singer. That's right. Lisa Loeb's sister is a singer now also.

Based on the one song that was functional on her
official website, her sound is nothing like Lisa's. The tune was a sappy piano ballad. And based on her pictures, she has made a wise fashion decision. She doesn't sport goofy glasses. I couldn't really gather much after that, since most of her webpages are still under construction.

I really don't have much more to offer on the subject. However, if you are intrigued and want to find out more, you can read Debbie Loeb's biography by going to her official site.

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