Friday, February 03, 2006

The Return of Nothingface

Recently, I was excited to learn that one of my all-time favorite metal bands, Nothingface, has reunited. After recording and touring together since the mid-nineties, the group called it quits in 2003; not long after the release of their fourth album, Skeletons. This was a disappointment for me; so when it was announced that they were reforming with plans to record new material, I was quite pleased. With the exception of founding member and bassist/songwriter Bill Gaal being replaced by ex-Deadlights/Danzig bassist Jerry Montano, the band looks and sounds much like they have picked up where they left off. The two new songs they have posted on their website sound like the Nothingface of old. I'm particularly fond of the track 'Walking on Bodies.' Few bands have the ability to successfully be both brutal and delicate at the same time. Here is what vocalist Matt Holt says on their website about the return of Nothingface:

"I think I speak for us all by saying that our next record will surpass every other record we had ever been a part of," says Holt, "I feel that our music has grown and has the ability to change the face of our genre, spawning others that will only attempt to achieve what we do so naturally."

For more information about the hiatus and reformation of Nothingface, as well as to hear the new tracks and see upcoming tourdates, check out the band's Official Website and Myspace

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