Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Radiohead Tribute Album

Radiohead has a number of tribute albums on the market, so how about one more? The latest tribute, Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads, is loaded with Radiohead’s pre-Hail to the Thief hits and performed by some unlikely groups. The disc features artists like ?uestlove (of the Roots), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), and Meshell Ndegeocello.

I haven't thought about Ndegeocello for years. Last I heard of her, she was playing "Wild Night" with John Cougar Mellencamp. Great track, but Van Morrison's original version rules. I know this is a bit of a detour, but blogging doesn't have to follow strict writing procedure.

Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads is expected to hit shelves on April 18.

Track Listing:
01 Shawn Lee: "No Surprises"
02 The Randy Watson Experience with Donn: "Morning Bell"
03 Sa-Ra Creative Partners: "In Limbo"
04 Pete Kuzma with Bilal: "High and Dry"
05 Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald: "Just"
06 Rjd2: "Airbag"07 Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle: "Nice Dream"
08 Lo-Freq: "Blow Out"
09 Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave: "The National Anthem"
10 The Bad Plus: "Karma Police"
11 Sia: "Paranoid Android"
12 Osunlade with Erro: "Everything In Its Right Place"
13 Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire: "Knives Out"
14 Cinematic Orchestra: "Exit Music (For A Film)"

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