Wednesday, February 15, 2006

DLR Speaks Out Against Van Halen's 'Rock Star' Idea

Apparently Van Halen is thinking about finding a new lead singer to replace Extreme flop, Gary Cherone (like the double entendre?), by way of CBS's 'Rock Star.' 'Rock Star' is the television show that landed INXS with their "awesome" Michael Hutchence replacement, J.D. Fortune, a former Elvis impersonator.

In no big surprise, Van Halen's original vocalist,
David Lee Roth, has expressed his disapproval, claiming that if the band chose its newest singer on TV, the band would turn into a "novelty act."

So what is DLR's counteridea? Why, a Van Halen reunion of course!

"People want the reunion," said Roth. "No one will pay respect to what any of us do [musically] until we get the reunion out of the way.

CBS will announce its new 'Rock Star' band next month.

And for those who miss the
Van Hagar phase of the band, here's a little something something for ya:

Van Halen - 'Runaround'

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