Monday, February 20, 2006

Fuse-In 2006?

So who will be performing at Detroit's Fuse-In Festival this Memorial Day Weekend? The Kevin Saunderson-organized electronic music event looks as if it won't happen this year. It seems the City of Detroit is looking to only accept events that can pay the festival fees up front. Fuse-In does not possess that kind of cash at this time. In fact, despite the event's apparent success in past years, the festival lost money in 2005.

Saunderson explains:

"...because of lack of promotion time on the festival, the festival sold less tickets generated less revenue than we would have hoped. The costs were tight and we had a very good handle on the operational aspects of this event. This was not about our operation of the event – it was about not having enough time to properly market the event and draw the crowds that still want to hear our music."

But when will Fuse-In come back? Saunderson again explains:

"This is too great a festival to keep down. If the city would allow enough time to promote it by awarding the festival permit months in advance instead of days in advance, this festival could continue to bring music and dollars downtown for years to come. As an ambassador of our music (Techno) and our city (Detroit), I will continue to do whatever I can to spread the word throughout the world."

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