Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rick Moranis' Singing Career Takes Off

In an effort not to buck my trend of only posting Canadian-related posts this week, I bring to you an article on funny man from the north, Rick Moranis. After a ten year absence from making movies, Moranis has reemerged with, of all things, a country album!

Inspired by his children, who were occupied listening to alt-country and bluegrass, Moranis made his album available via the
artistShare network. Eventually, as word caught on and The Agoraphobic Cowboy's popularity increased, Moranis reached a deal with Warner Canada to make the album widely available in stores.

For those who cannot imagine the transition from comedy films to country music, here's what Moranis had to say on the subject:

"As much as it is somewhat of a departure, it's not completely a departure because I've always done a lot of music," said Moranis, who started out as a radio DJ in Toronto before moving on to standup comedy."I don't know if I'm capable of writing anything straight. I just can't take myself that seriously."

Moranis said country music seemed a natural genre for his humour.

"Country music is a place where from time to time you hear some really funny stuff," he said pointing to artists like
Johnny Cash, The Statler Brothers, Roger Miller and Ray Stevens.

Moranis has considered a small club tour of Canada in support of his album.

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