Monday, February 13, 2006

The Grammys Don't Care About Black People??

Rap phenomenon and Bush-basher, Kanye West, has another grievance. Despite picking up three Grammys from the rap category, Kanye feels he should have been the one to take home Album of the Year. Instead, the honor went to U2 while Kanye cried about it to the press.

"I didn't win it by a technicality, not because I didn't deserve it. Even [U2 lead singer] Bono was like 'Come on.' Everybody knows it." - Kanye West

The whole experience may turn into a positive one for West, as he embarks on another campaign to win the coveted award. Can you say Golddigger 2?

"Now it gives me another goal to go and work on Graduation and show them 'Yo, I really deserve this album of the year,'" he said. "I'm gonna keep on delivering albums of the year that are so undeniable to the point where you finally let a rapper come up and accept this award."

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