Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pete Doherty Wins Sexiest Man

What is the world coming to? In an unbelievable turn of events, heroin addict and sometime singer, Pete Doherty, was named NME’s Sexiest Man at the Shockwaves NME awards. I guess that "waking up in a gutter" look is the hot new thing.

I was also shocked to discover that James Blunt’s Back To Bedlam was named Worst Album of the Year. He just won Best Pop Act and Best British Male honors at the 2006 Brit Awards last week! Never have I seen such glaring opposing positions in the music world.

The rest of the awards were business as usual. Kanye West garnered Best Solo Artist, The Strokes received Best International Band, and Madonna was voted Sexiest Woman.

The special honor of Hero of the Year was bestowed upon Bob Geldof for his involvement with last summer’s Live 8. I wish I could be a hero….

For more news on award winners at the Shockwaves NME awards, click here.


Anonymous said...

why is it that i find kanye west, madonna and the strokes entirely overrated? i mean, obviously they're fantastic in some glaring, obnoxious way... hmm. i'll look into that someday. maybe. right after i finish soaking up the gloriousness of james blunt's album. that's right, gloriousness.

Anonymous said...

pete is a frekking ass rasch ,if i see this pest while im eating i lose my appitie .please! o.d. some time soon ,you fucking heroin poster boy .this creep has done enough shit on this earth ,time is out soon or do you take wimp doses too!?your a real man pete !try the heroic doses ...its time too give something to the grand !do the big O.D.!
stop making stupid pop emo teens think heroin is cool cuz its not its the little wimps drug ,yull just get sleepy ITS CRAP take a frekking sleeping wimps!

Anonymous said...

yeah bitches !im gonna start work on a hiv vaccin or is it full blown aids he got?so i can take this fucking wet rag into the ufc ring for a sweet demo in slow bonebraking and chokes this pissstaim has as much of an artists soul as the bleeding busch family.PUKE!!